7 Beautiful Actresses who were Models

Hollywood is a place full of beauty, talent, glitz and glamour, and a lot of luck. Hollywood gives great stardom to people who can prove themselves, but, until they are really lucky, they have to work extremely hard to make a mark. Sometimes, even people from star families don’t make it big, while at times, common people through reality shows create a blast. Some become instant hits, while many struggle for years. Many of the top actors in Hollywood have started as early as children, while many have begun their careers as extras. Some of the most beautiful and accomplished actresses of Hollywood were once models, though it is also true that they are often approached by big brands to sign endorsement deals with them worth millions.Let us take a look at the Top 7 Beautiful Actresses who were Models.

Top 7 Beautiful Actresses who were Models.

Angelina Jolie

Timeless Beautiful Angelina Jolie

Forbes has listed Angelina Jolie as the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, thrice, and is known for her incredible beauty and great acting. Off-screen, she is involved in philanthropic works. She was barely 7 years old in her first movie, in Lookin’ to Get Out with father Jon Voight, and returned to the silver screen ten years later in Cyborg 2, in 1993. She had begun taking acting lessons at 14, but dropped out to become a funeral director and fashion model, only to return to acting shortly after.

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman has just the right look for a model, with blonde hair, blue eyes and a height of 5’11”. She was in fact a model before she became an actress. She started modelling at 15, with Click Models. Then, in 1986, she was featured on the cover of the British Vogue. So it can be said that she had started off on the right foot when it comes to modelling. However, her real passion was movies, which is why gave up modelling to begin her acting career two years later, and has been consistent.

Jennifer Connelly

beautiful actresses jennifer connelly smile

At 14, Jennifer Connelly starred as a teenaged girl on a quest to save her little brother from the wicked Goblin King, in the film, Labyrinth, with David Bowie playing the antagonist. But she was no stranger to the world of glamour, as she was a model at the age of only 10 years when she entered a contract with Ford Modeling Agency. She was a successful model, with no aspirations to act. But, from magazine covers, she eventually went on into acting, and winning an Academy Awardee.

Charlize Theron

Beautiful Babe CharlizeTheron

Born and brought up in South Africa, Charlize Theron is a natural beauty, with a pristine air about her. Her first step into entertainment was through modelling, and although she was reluctant to take up the profession, she managed to win a modelling contract at 16, and moved to Italy. A year later, she moved to New York to be a ballet dancer, but a knee injury came in the way. Eventually, she became the Academy Award winning actress in Los Angeles, with films like Monster under her belt.

Cameron Diaz

Smiling Babe Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is known for her great comic timing and sense of humour. She is particularly capable of laughing at herself. On the big screen, Diaz shows off her bizarre dance moves in Charlie’s Angels and her outlandish singing abilities in There’s Something About Mary and Shrek. She has the perfect look and body for modelling. She started out at as a fashion model for Elite Model Management at 16, and she appeared in commercials of Levi’s and Calvin Klein, and on Seventeen’s cover in 1990.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry 2015

Beautiful Halle Berry is perhaps most known as the exquisite Bond girl, and is also an Academy Award winner for her work in Monster’s Ball in 2002. She was one of the highest paid beautiful actresses in 2000s when she ruled over Hollywood. But, before she began hr rule in Hollywood, the actress was a fashion model who had been in a number of beauty pageants. She even became the runner up in the Miss USA Pageant back in 1986, and reached the sixth position in the Miss World Pageant in the same year.

Julia Roberts

 Most Beautiful Actress Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood, known for her intense works as a prostitute or gangster. She stole millions of hearts with her appearance in movies like Pretty Woman. She has bagged countless awards and honours. She was also inducted into Men’s Health’s list of 7 Hottest Women of All Time. She had always wanted to be a veterinarian, but went on to enrol in acting classes. While waiting for the right opportunity, she was with Click Modeling Agency.

There are many other beautiful actresses who have modelled at some point or the other in their career, such as Famke Janssen, Milla Jovovich and Rachel Weisz, and while we are on the subject of beautiful people starting out as models, we might as well take the opportunity to mention Ashton Kutcher and Channing Tatum, both very pretty men who are quite a treat for the eyes. Both the actors have been involved in modelling, and appeared in some of the top notch magazines and advertisements.